I had a post planned out, with a good punch line, then reality changed and I couldn’t use it.

It was going to be called Road rage, and I was going to describe driving down our country road with a pick-up right on my tail.  All I’d be able to see was the grill behind me.  I tried to speed up, but couldn’t get away.  The punch line would be that I was driving the riding mower home from the next door neighbor, where they have a little loading dock-type of area where we unloaded the mower from the pick-up truck.  Bettie would be following me home, behind me to keep me safe.

But we couldn’t get the mower off the truck.  In fact, one of the boards slipped and I almost went to the ground wearing a mower as a parachute (this would be known as a bad thing).  Bettie yelled, and I stopped on a dime.  A rear wheel was half-way out over thin air.  I moved the mower forward and we humbly came home, knowing that yes, we do need to get the right tools for the job.

Harbor Freight, here we come!