Another evening of mowing.  We’re trying to reclaim the yard (well, we’re trying to knock the growing stuff down so it looks more like grass).  Some of what is being mowed down is clover – barely a foot high.  Some of it is grass that’s a yard high or higher.  Some of it is scrub weeds somewhere inbetween.  Not a good candidate for mowing.

And yet there’s no alternative.  I mow half-widths.  I stop often to scrape out the grass clippings.  I sometimes mow twice – once with the front wheels lifted off the ground, and then a follow-up with all four firmly planted.

Though we see this greenery as a nuisance, others see it as home.  I ran over a mouse nest tonight, killing one little mouse without leaving a mark on his body.  No idea how that happened, but he was still on his side a half-hour later.  I was sad.  On the one hand, I know that he looks like one of the ones we gleefully trap inside.  On the other hand, he was a cute critter, and I don’t like killing anything that’s not attacking me.  I’m not a PETA fanatic – I very much enjoy burgers, chicken, and barbecue ribs.  I will swat any mosquito that comes within reach, and have taken out several wasp nests in the past few days.  I also had Bettie gently remove a honey bee from off my back tonight.  He wasn’t angry – he was just in the wrong place.

The same goes for the bird’s nest I ran over tonight.  It is (present tense – it survived!) a ground-based nest with four little eggs inside.  The eggs are smaller than a robin’s egg and a creamy white.  I had the mower set up high enough that it chopped down all the grass without harming the eggs (although those four birds will grow up to be deathly afraid of lawn mowers).  I had removed the weed/grass protection from the nest, and so placed replacements around it.  I didn’t want to move the nest.  It seems late for eggs to still be in the nest, and I didn’t (yet) look up what sort of bird it could be.

Overall, a positive evening.  Happy to get more yard reclaimed, sorry about Mr. Dead Mouse, and real glad to be the godfather of four unhatched birds.