My first new car was a Honda CRX.  Neat little two-seater, powered just right (although it lacked air conditioning).  Sold it to a friend for a dollar.

While I had it, I read everything I could about the CRX.  New models coming out, customizations that people had done.  One of the neatest ones I saw was a guy who had installed a second engine to drive the rear wheels.  Cool!  You couldn’t quite go twice as fast, but what a neat thing to do.  One of the problems he ran into was how to synchronize the speed of the two sets of tires.  Gears?  Pulleys and belts?  Some electronic control stuff?

Naah.  He took the easy way and let the road even things out.  One engine would pull too much, maybe, but that would compensate for the other one going a bit slower.

I remembered this yesterday as I was tearing up some lettuce for a salad at Bettie’s sister’s house.  Was the lettuce big enough?  Was it too big?  Should I leave the bigger crunchy parts in, or take them out?  I finally realized that I should just tear it up and it will get eaten.  If somebody leaves it in the bowl, the next person will get it, or the next one, or it will become compost.  It’s not a big deal either way.  Lettuce is not worth putting tons of thought into.

Don’t overthink lettuce.  A good motto.  You (I) have to decide what’s lettuce and what’s important, but don’t forget that you can also overthink lettuce at that level, too.