One of the reasons I like Unix is that it’s very modular.  If you want to search for something, there is a command grep to locate it.  If you want to filter things out, you can use the grep command to remove exactly what you want, based on date, or file size, or creation date, or line counts, or contents.

If you only want lines with the word Christ in it, you can ask for that.  If you’re looking for Christ but want to avoid the words Christmas and Christchurch, you can do that.  Easily.

If you only want certain columns of text, you can use cut to get exactly what you want.  Columns can be defined by count (columns 5 through 8).  You can sort the output any way you want, ascending or descending.  You can grab off the top or bottom lines, and as many of them as you want.

And you can put it all into a script so you can do it again as often as you want.

Compared to this, the Windows GUI (gooey) is a blundering mess, a sword made of cooked pasta, a crash helmet made from one layer of tin-foil.  Give me the scalpels available in Unix any day.