I like humor.  I appreciate it and like to understand it and use it.  Some humor is easy to get, but inconsistent.  Some can be funny or occasionally inappropriate.  Not good.

I enjoy Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine.  A lot of the time, the entries (articles and advertisements) seem to be from another era.  Sometimes he has modern entries, like this:

(from this entry)

I have never seen profanity or indecency.  There are occasional punch-lines (in an advertisement for parents to teach their children to jay-walk, the sponsoring agency is “conveniently located downtown next to the morgue”), but mostly it’s off-the-wall views of what the world could be like.  There’s this piece of Unexplained Phenomena:

On the morning of March 18, 1927, Mr. Norbert Armbunker awoke on the floor under the rotunda of the Union Trust Building dressed as Neptune and clutching a trident, with no memory of the previous twelve hours.

That (to me, at least) is paying homage to the old Ripley’s Believe It or Not cartoons.  There’s more: a concert to raise money for orphaned lemmings (orphaned by the great stampedes of June 28, June 25, June 24, June 20, June 17, June 16, June 15, June 13, June 12 at 4:38 PM, June 12 at 10:24 AM, June 10, June 9, June 6, June 5, June 3, and June 2), a homeopathic cure for thirst, and a cure for stammering (it’s PAPPY’S POPOCATEPETL PAMPAS POWDER – ask for it by name!).

Enjoyable, and recommended.