Oooops, sorry.  That’s Lot’s wife.  This is about Job’s wife.

By one of those happy coincidences that happens in God-space a lot, I started reading the book of Job last week, and that’s what my minister preached on this past Sunday.  The minister mentioned that Job’s wife gets a lot of bad press for advising Job to curse God and die.  His point was that she is a hurting woman at this point of the story.  Just like Job, she has lost ten children.  Just like Job, she has lost flocks and food.  She probably feels the loss of status differently than Job does, but either way, she’s in pain and probably not the most supportive person at this point.

I do have to give Job credit, though.  Even after the loss he’s had, even after being afflicted with boils, even after getting a big zing from his wife, he does not lash out.  He speaks his mind, but doesn’t do any name-calling.

You are talking like a foolish woman.

He is very careful not to call her foolish, but he calls her speech similar to that of fools.  Nice distinction, seriously, and especially for where he was coming from.

Solomon may have had that in mind when he wrote that “A gentle answer turns away wrath”.  And that’s a lesson that we can all learn and use.