There is a story that Winston Churchill gave a speech that consisted completely of

Never give up.

Never ever give up.

Never,  ever, ever give up.

Unfortunately, the facts contradict the story.  But this blog entry is based on the story.  And a different group of facts.

Thursday evening Bettie and I went to the demolition derby.

Four qualifying heats (two for larger cars, two for compacts), and then finals for each group.

Car A-14 became my favorite after he had the back end totally demolished, and then kept on zooming around the track towing two dead wheels behind him.

He won the qualifying heat he entered – if you can win with zero trunk and flat tires.

Well, he came back for the finals.

He did pretty well, even though the rear wheels weren’t turning.

And though he had a leak in his radiator.

And another one in the front of the radiator (yes, that does say OUCH on the front bumper).

He just kept going

And finally won the whole thing.

Pretty impressive, for a beat-up old car and a determined driver. He never gave up.