Last night, while looking for info on the Veggie Rocks CD, I noticed that Amazon was giving away music – a free song every day.  MP3, 256 kbit, no DRM.  Pretty cool.  Once I had downloaded that (no added software downloader for me, thank you), I found other free music they were giving away.  Whole albums!

There’s a Christian music sampler, a Brazilian music sampler, and some other sampler.  Altogether I downloaded over 25 albums and 10 individual songs, for a total cost of zero.  To get albums, though, you do have to install their Amazon music downloader, which feeds into Microsoft’s Windows Media Player.  I still have to find the music and move it to where I want it to be, so I can play it with my simple, free 1by1 music player.

Since I haven’t listened to the music yet, I can’t attest to how good it is.  I stayed away from some heavy metal sampler, and several that were listed as “Explicit” – I’m not bringing junk into my life.  And if I find songs that are offensive, they’re gone as well.

Hope you find something you like.

Or if you’re adventurous, you could go luxury camping.  A resort hotel in California is offering their $200 rooms at $19 a night.  They take out the bed, turn off the air conditioning, and don’t feed you breakfast.  You might argue that it’s still not roughing it – but they also remove the towels, the light bulbs (except for one in the bathroom for safety), and you have to bring your own TP.