There is a type of Science Fiction called Future History.  It’s about setting a series of stories or novels in a defined future that is consistent.  Some are well-defined enough that there can be multiple story lines that don’t interact, or ones that others can contribute stories to that fit in without stepping on anything.  Pretty neat.

I enjoy science fiction. and have for decades.  I imagine my parents worried about their skinny spectacled kid and wondered how he was going to grow up.  The kid isn’t a kid anymore, wears contacts instead of glasses (or bifocals in the evening), and the skinny part is hidden very well within layers of roundness.  I still read SF, and enjoy it greatly.  I wrote a paper for 11th grade English about predictions from science fiction that have come true, from the waterbed to geosynchronous satellites.  I think I got a B on it.  Thanks, Mrs. Hatfield.

Here’s a prediction that is also going to come true, a personal piece of future history: the yellow jackets are gone.  Oh, right now they’re buzzing around, happily doing whatever they do.  But within a week, they will cease to exist.  Looking at the benefits vs. risks, they are outa here.  They don’t pollinate flowers, and they are right next to our porch (where people-type people are).

There are multiple methods of clearing out ground-based yellow jackets.  Some involve soapy water.  Some involve pouring petroleum derivatives into the ground, or poison spray, or pest control services (well, using pest control services, not pouring them into the ground).  I’m doing it myself, though, and probably picking up something from the gas station.

The bees have won the past few serious interactions.  I want to win this one, and with no bites/stings.  I’ll let you know.