Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen the video.  Maybe it’s because I have higher standards than the local news station.

Maybe it’s because the local station can’t work in two media at the same time.

Local channel 9 did a story on the Amish in Ohio.  Breaking news: Amish are different than us, but still people.  (personally, I think somebody managed to sell the news director on a story and scored a road trip out of it).  But I digress.  They’re talking to a teenage girl and manage to put together these paragraphs:

“Being at home, there’s not. It’s not much of a change, actually. I’m used to it,” said Shetler. She is like most 17-year-old girls. “I’m the only girl in the family and I love playing volleyball.”

But she’s not, she’s Amish.

The “she” in the last paragraph has no antecedent.  It doesn’t refer to anything in the prior sentence.  We can awkwardly read further backward to determine what the “she” refers to.  But it hurts.

Again, maybe it works differently on video – I haven’t watched the story.  But I can assure you that it does not translate directly into print.