Bettie and I enjoy food. This post is a celebration of some of the food we’ve enjoyed this year.

At the Clermont County Fair we had shaved ice. This is not the Hawaiian sno-kone ice in tiny ice balls. This is from a chunk of ice, shaved by a razor. It’s light and airy, not hard and crunchy. I think this is our second one of the evening.

The other thing from the fair was a deep-fried Twinkie. Not so impressive.

Although I did hear that the big seller at the Wisconsin State Fair this year was chocolate-covered bacon. That sounds interesting!

One of the places we went for my birthday was Chi-nnati’s. Chicago pizza with a Cincinnati twist. Not Giordano’s, but not bad.

The other place we went for my birthday was Red Lobster. I can’t say for sure that their Chocolate Wave is the best dessert in the world, because I haven’t eaten all the other desserts in the world. Plus, there’s Claim Jumper’s 6-layer Chocolate Motherlode cake. But still . . .

I bought some clearance food items recently (zucchini and cherries), and wanted to meld them together into something. But what’s the glue? Chocolate, of course!  Chocolate cherry zucchini bread!

Yes, it was on a Friday night, so they shared the oven with my pizza.

A little later that evening

And the “artsy” view of the ingredients that went into it.

And finally a cool onion volcano at a grill outside Knoxville. Hidden behind the flame is my favorite niece (and her favorite mom) doing rather well given the excitement.