That would be “Abundant blessings” to “Zombies”.

I was gathering tomatoes from the garden on Saturday.  We have a lot – some beefsteak, some Romas, and lots of cherry tomatoes.  I think cherry tomatoes are the zucchini of the tomato family.  One plant is just on the edge of being too much.  More than one plant?  Like the eight or twelve that we have?  Way, way too much.  But I digress.

I was going to gather some cherry tomatoes and reached out my hand to cup them as I pulled them off the vine.  I must have bumped them, because three or four tomatoes dropped into my hand.  No picking required.   And it hit me that it’s a God thing – His blessings are so much greater than we expect (or deserve).  We see small – God sees big.

At the other end of the alphabet is a topic that doesn’t get discussed in religious circles much.  This thought comes from my friend Max, he of film fame.  In our wide-ranging discussion the other night, he mentioned some of his favorite zombie movies.  Night of the Living Dead was among them, and I’m not sure which others.  Bettie did not share Max’s enthusiasm at the film topic.  Max didn’t turn Bettie into a fan of undead movies, but he started us thinking with this observation.  In zombie movies, the undead have a slow shuffle – barely a slow walk.  And yet people get caught by them.  And it’s the same for sin.  We can out-run sin, we can avoid it, we can go another way or do something else or pray for God’s power.  And yet we seem to get caught by it.  I think that Max said that it’s just human nature to think that we can out-run sin no matter what.

We should want (and strive) to be filled with God’s nature, and stay far away from the zombies.  And thereby enjoy more of God’s blessings.