The other night, Bettie and I went out to celebrate our anniversary (four years today, and I love you, Bettie!).  We went to a steak place and spent entirely too much money (and got entirely too full).  Then we went to see Pixar’s UP.

It was playing at the dollar theater (which costs more than a dollar – sort of like a 5 and 10 store.  But do those even exist anymore?), and it cost us $3.50 total to get in.  My Sno-Caps were almost that much.  We were about 5 minutes early, so we moseyed in.  There was nobody in the theater.  Nobody else showed up.  Maybe that’s what happens for a 9:45 showing of a kid’s movie on a school night.  We were able to pick our row and seat.  We were able to talk out loud during the movie without offending anybody.

Movie review: great.  Go see it.  Touching, funny, and very high quality.  Count the number of thumbs in the room – they’re all up.