A mixed bag of lightness today.

On the bad side, journalism schools have apparently stopped teaching caption writing.  The caption to this photo reads

A South Korean man playing the role of a North Korean soldier beats a protester playing the role of a North Korean man during an anti-North Korea protest in Seoul

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s long and wordy, and seems to be pushing an agenda rather than describing a picture.  How about

South Korean actors portray North Korean cruelty during protest in Seoul

Not snappy, but much shorter.  And I think people understand that a protest in Seoul won’t be pro-NK.

On the good side, mobile technology just got more geeky, or will around Christmas.  Not for me personally, since I’m not going to shell out three thousand bucks for this dual-screen laptop. (pic from the UK’s Telegraph, originally from Gizmodo)

That will give you a screen size of about 1560 x 800.  Think of the solitaire games you could have running on that thing!