So tonight was the night we took out the yellow jackets.  Tomorrow we’ll see how we did.

Around 4 gallons of boiling, soapy water, through cheesecloth, and in the dark so the bees can’t see.  There was a full moon, so it wasn’t totally black.

Bees started buzzing while I was still setting up the cheesecloth.  I let the bricks hit the ground, which probably woke them up.  Bad decision.

The water was literally boiling on the stove a minute before I poured it down the hole, so I’m sure it did some damage.  Not sure about the cheesecloth – my goggles fogged up from the steam of the water, so I was going by guess.

I didn’t get stung outside.  I’m sure the two pairs of socks, the jeans plus sweat pants, and the T-shirt plus thick sweater plus long-sleeve shirt helped.  As did the insulated work gloves, the ball cap worn backward to protect my neck, the mask over my mouth and nose, the protective goggles, the ear protectors (bought them for chainsaw work, but they’re great for this), and the hat to protect my head.

I got stung inside.  One on each cheek, and one on my right temple.  I needed a winter hood.

So the final score was Bees 3, Steve 14.  Yep – I brought fourteen yellowjackets into the house with me.  And they’re all dead.

I hope – I really hope – that it wasn’t fifteen.