When I was growing up, the car I wanted to have was a Superbird.


Richard Petty drove one, and he was my favorite driver.  My dad and I were in a car showroom that had one – I remember it being lime green.  I actually offered the salesman a dime a week to buy it.  I was serious.  He laughed – he was serious, too.

Various Ferarris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis have floated in and out of my wish list.  Two cars with staying power were the Acura NSX


And the Yamaha OX99-11 (the part I liked best was the single central seat – not the open mouth)


But nothing – nothing – can compare with the Porsche 959.

Porsche 959

Like the Superbird, this was a race car available to the general public.  Well, less of the general public than the ‘bird.  The price was around $350,000, and I heard that Porsche lost a half-million on each one they sold.

It was a 911 on steroids, without the flash of a Ferarri or the flat lines of a Lambo.  It was smooth.

I had a model of it once.  Knowing my manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination, I had a hobby shop put it together.  Silver paint, just like the picture.  The hobby shop went out of business and kept the Tamiya model and my $20 deposit.  Bums.

So I pick up models here and there, and think about driving one.  In Germany, on the autobahn where speeds are unlimited, a race car driver was motoring along close to the top speed (a reported 197 MPH) when a lady didn’t check her mirrors before pulling into the fast lane.  The racer did the honorable thing and drove off the road rather than hit (and probably kill) the lady.  He hit a guard rail – and went under it.  Tore the body off the car, but the frame held.  I don’t want to drive one that way.

It’s still my dream car.  If I suddenly became a billionaire, it would be one of my acquisitions.  As it is, I own one in my dreams.

And thats the car story for Saturday September fifth.  Or as I like to write it, 9/5/9.

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