One thing I don’t ever think I’ll see is a momma frog giving her babies (whether tadpoles or frogs) swimming lessons.  Momma ducks give their little ducklings lessons, and they follow her around everywhere.  Hens and chicks, same way.  We’ve seen fawns sticking right with mom on our front lawn.

In the non-amphibian examples, the parents are passing on something to their young.  Frogs don’t do that.  For one thing, there’s the family size problem.  I can almost imagine momma frog calling out “Junior!” and being overwhelmed with tadpoles.  For another, the instincts to do frog things (including swimming) are built-in.  There’s no need for a frog to teach another frog how to stay in the mud to stay cool, or when to jump in the water, or how to swim.

Humans are a little different.  We take years (and generations) to teach the young what they should do.  Even tonight I got a call from a protective mother (I’m not naming names) who was concerned about my safety in regards to the bees.

The place where we (all of us) need the most help is recognizing and acknowledging and loving and worshiping God.  Why is that?  Partly because of our sin nature, of course, and partly because of the world we’re in but not of.  And yet Acts 17:28a tells us

for in Him we live and move and exist

I’m reading Phillip Yancey’s Prayer and one of the points he brings out is that we don’t have to invite God to join us – He’s already here.  We have to call ourselves to come into His presence.

And yet – despite being surrounded by God and His blessings – we need to be reminded, need to be taught, need to read books and devotionals (oh, and the Bible, probably).  We need to decide to choose God, and to grow closer to Him.

It’s free will – one of the things that makes us human – that makes this necessary.  And that gift is part of what makes God great.

Another thing that makes God great is His infiniteness, His boundlessness.  One of the songs we sang today at church is Your Love Is Deep.  The chorus goes

Your love is deeper than my view of grace
Higher than this worldly place
Longer than this road I travel
Wider than the gap You filled

There’s a whole lot of theology wrapped up in there, a whole lot of studying and learning and thinking you could do.

A whole lot of swimming lessons.