Gordon Moore made an observation about 40 years ago, that the number of transistors per square inch of integrated circuit doubles every two years.  This has held true for so long that it has been turned into a law, and a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The law has many interesting side effects – computers get more powerful and cheaper, and at the same time.  Cameras get more megapixels and more processing power.  Big-screen TVs get flatter and bigger.  Appliances get smarter, cell phones get smaller, and wristwatches can do more.

And yet there are parts of the world completely untouched by Moore’s Law.  I’m not talking about the deeper parts of Africa, or places in rural Montana.  If things are doubling every two years, and they keep on doubling, then having a baby should take about 23 seconds, from conception to birth.  A lifetime that used to take 70 years to live would now take only 40 minutes.

A year’s schooling should take around 30 seconds.  Conversations would be over in milliseconds.

And it would be incredibly easy to explain the Trinity, without fumbling through analogies of the state of water, or how a man can also be a son and a father.  Prayers would be mere flashes on our minds, and issues that we struggle with (selling a house, pondering bees) would be over almost before we knew there was a problem.

Of course, we’d lose the joys of life as well.  Sunsets would happen in – well, the blink of an eye is too long.  A stroll down a beach with your wife would zip by before you knew it.  That favorite meal?  Don’t take too long eating it.

So God has ordained that we should live life at the pace of one second per second, one minute per minute, one year per year.  Einstein’s theory of relativity can alter that by a few seconds for astronauts, but we don’t have to worry about it.  We get to breathe in and out multiple times per minute, and we get to deal with the good and the bad on a human timescale, not a computer timescale.

And we have the opportunity to be blessed with faster computers along the way.  Thank you, God.  It’s a great time to be alive.