The health care debate (I won’t call it a crisis since there is no “crisis”) continues to unfold.  This is a big thing.  It’s a major change to the way this country works, to the way we earn, save, and distribute money.

Someone has taken a look at the way the health care bill works, taking it as software.  He has the usual caveats (this “program” is being run by humans, not by a computer, so there’s room for slop and for fuzzy interpretations), but it’s rather interesting.  Here is his part 1 and part 2.  The final part is still pending.  One of the problems he finds in this thousand-page monster is that the bill itself doesn’t include all its changes.  There are references out to other bills


(c) Treatment of Current Accreditation Applications- Section 1834(a)(20)(F) of such Act (42 U.S.C. 1395m(a)(20)(F)) is amended–

(1) in clause (i)–

(A) by striking ‘clause (ii)’ and inserting ‘clauses (ii) and (iii)’;

(B) by striking ‘and’ at the end;

(2) by striking the period at the end of clause (ii)(II) and by inserting ‘; and’; and

(3) by adding at the end the following:

‘(iii) the requirement for accreditation described in clause (i) shall not apply for purposes of supplying diabetic testing supplies, canes, and crutches in the case of a pharmacy that is enrolled under section 1866(j) as a supplier of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies.

One other section of the bill talks about amending the IRS code.  There are references in the law pointing forward to later sections, and other references pointing backward.  His blog entries are worth reading.

The other enjoyable part of the health reform bill is that everybody’s invited.  “Not so”, you say.  “You lie!” he says.  Apparently the bill limits health care coverage to US citizens – but prohibits anyone from verifying whether the applicant is really a citizen or not.  From Jerry Pournelle’s commentary this week:

Democrats in committee carefully removed all the provisions for actually checking on the status of those making use of the new health care laws. We have a program (SAVE) that is in use in about 40 Federal Programs to prevent illegal aliens from getting their benefits; that was explicitly taken out of the qualifications for getting health care insurance under the bill. It is sufficient to say (in any language you care to use) “I was born in the USA” and they have to enroll you. If you can’t check eligibility then in practice everyone is eligible.

And it’s in that spirit that I declare I am a millionaire.  I also declare that I do not wish for you to verify whether I actually am or am not a millionaire, but I want you to act as if I am.  I don’t care whether you impart or impute millionaire-ness to me (although since health care will be imparted, then it’s only fair to impart a million bucks to me).  And in the same spirit, I wish not to have to pay back any of the money.  I will borrow the money against the unspecified future, and assure one and all that it will not raise the deficit (personal or group) at all.

Naah.  I’m not buying it either.  It’s not coming off a teleprompter.