As I roll through the dozens of free albums I downloaded from Amazon, I found a couple of songs that stood out to me.  Neither of them is in English.

I’m sure my stay in India brightened the path to this one: Mere Dholna (from Saavn celebrates Bollywood)  You can’t have a movie in India without at least four dance numbers.  They could be doing a biography of Mother Teresa and would still do a thingie with too many dancers wearing too little clothing.  None of that changes this song.  It has the fast beat of a dance number, the shrill female singer, and the in-song dialog between the guy and the girl.  No idea what the song or movie is about, but I enjoy it.

The other one is from Çakk1d1 from Turkish Hits Vol. 1.  This is more of an electro-pop piece, and would probably play well in a club.  Sometimes the lyrics almost sound understandable (the words are very clear – just not English).  Nice production value, cleanly played.  The voices are pushed out to the sides, and then collapse to the center on the final line or two.  Aurically interesting.