I admire financial geeks who can take a few numbers, whip them through a calculator or computer program, and end up with a significant value at the end, something you can base a decision on.  I am not one of those people.  I’m the one who uses the number at the end.

But I know a good value when I see it.  I’m a Linux enthusiast, and have subscribed to Linux Journal for years, though probably not a decade.  When they were celebrating their 10th anniversary, they offered a hundred issues for a hundred bucks – a dollar an issue, delivered.  Not bad for dead tree material.

I was getting a little concerned, though.  My subscription was going to run out soon (2012 – right around the corner!).  I’m a little like Bettie’s cat was – he’d start mewing when his food plate got below half full.  I think he was a worrier.

I was real happy to get an email offer from LJ today, for a chance to re-up my subscription at the same terms.  I took them up on it.  Now my subscription runs to the year 2020, and I’m breathing a little easier.