I recently wrote that “Nobody knows their closing speed with the obituary column.”  I musta been having a flash-forward or something.  Not a person who is no longer among the living, but a company.  A very specific company.

My web hosting company.

I went with 2IP late last year, and chose their $80 for life package.  I’d get unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth (and unlimited domains), forever, for a one-time fee.  I wrote about them at the time:

Not sure how that works, business-case-wise

and I was seeing the future on that one, too.  They just moved to a new data center and got hacked.  They tried to clear it up and got hacked again.  They told all their customers that the customers would have to reload everything fresh – the 2IP servers were intentionally wiped clean.  That apparently didn’t sit well, and last night the place folded.

Due to the previous incident, 2ip cannot sustain the financial damaged caused by it. We have decided to close our services effective October 31, 2009. Our servers will remain online until October 31, 2009. Afterwards everything will be shutdown.

And they have set up a deal with HostGator to give us a year’s service.  After that, I’m back into the pay-for-something-I’d-already-paid-for situation.  I put a lot of work into finding a web host that offered what I needed for a good price, and I got burned.  I want my hosting service to be a utility – always there, always on.  I don’t want hassle in my life because of that.

Welcome to the real world, Steve.