I find some new programs through blogs and magazines I read, but I find a lot through Completely Free Software.  This site is run by a Christian guy from Australia.  The software is free as in beer, not necessarily free as in speech.

He runs the site on a subscription basis.  Fifteen bucks a year, or thirtyfive for a lifetime subscription.  (Don’t talk to me about lifetime subscriptions right now.)  He also has a weekly newsletter that he sends out.  Each piece of software he reviews has a link back to his site, where you can download the software.

My complaint about his reviews is that they are glowing.  He has a 5-dove rating system, but all I’ve ever seen are 4s and 5s.  And all too many get five doves, regardless of the drawbacks he has found in his testing.  As an example, here is a review from a recent newsletter:

Active@ Partition Manager v1.3.012 — Win9x/ME/XP/Vista (5 doves)
Active@ Partition Manager is a hard disk partition manager that can create, delete or format a partition or logical drive. It supports FAT16, FAT32 & NTFS partitions, creates FAT32 partitions up to 1TB, sets active partition, partitions USB drives, formats USB drives to NTFS, changes drive letter, has a good Helpfile, and more. This is a handy partition manager that allows you to create, delete and format partitions from within Windows. Unfortunately it does not allow you to resize a partition or to create a copy of a partition, two functions which we consider important. However, for the functions that it does support it is easy to use and the graphical representation of the hard drive is excellent. You can see exactly how each partition fits into the hard drive(s), what format is used (normally NTFS or FAT32), what partitions are active, what are logical drives, etc. If the partition terminology frightens you, check out the handy Helpfile in PDF format you can find in the program’s folder. Unfortunately it cannot be called up from within the program, though you can access it from the Start/Programs menu. Unlike most other partition mangers that operate under Windows, Active@ Partition Manager allows you to format a partition up to 1TB using FAT32 (something that Windows does not permit). Active@ Partition Manager is a handy tool, just a shame that it can not resize a partition, or copy one… Worth a look. Access this 4.29MB download from:


So this thing doesn’t have built-in help, cannot resize or copy a partition, and allows a partition size outside of what Windows allows – and it still gets five doves.

On the other hand, if I still wanted it, I can google “active partition manager” and locate it without paying my fee to his site.  So I’ll keep getting the newsletter as long as he’s producing it.