Pretty severe evidence of global warming, a Geological Survey marker from the top of Mt. Rainier near Seattle.

Well, not so much.  Turns out that somebody moved the marker from its original location.  But it’s such a pretty picture . . .

Almost like global warming trend from here

being caused by cherry-picking a dozen tree cores out of 242, because they proved the point best.  (more details here)

Now I’m green, and I like nature and all the stuff God created, and I’m in charge of managing my part of it.  But I’m not one of the ones who’s in line to get a half-billion dollar loan as part of the green push, so I am not getting all excited about it.  I want to see (A) clear evidence of global warming, and (B) clear evidence that mankind is causing it.  There’s some of (A) going around, and very little of (B).  But we have to do something now!!!!!  I agree, but the something that we should be doing is studying what’s happening, not implementing cap and trade.