Last weekend I got to spend some time with my favorite niece.

One of the things we did together was to read books.

This one was “No, David“.  A cute little telling of a kid who was always getting in trouble and being told “No!”  And after disobeying orders not to play indoors, breaking a vase, and having to sit tearfully in a corner, the book ends with David being hugged by his mom.  “Yes, David, I still love you.”

I really liked the book, and want to get myself a copy.  Funny art work, a Caldecott honor award winner, and very appealing.

Then I was thinking about it at a higher level.  It’s about me, and God’s unconditional love for me.  “No, Steve.”  “Don’t drive so fast, Steve.”  “Steve, eat better.”  “Go to sleep this instant!”  And a kazillion others.

And finally, at the end of it all: “Yes, Steve, I still love you.”  Wrapped in a permanent hug from my heavenly Dad.