I am still without a host for my web site (and those I support).  2IP crashed and burned, getting some bad reviews along the way.  And I’m a little shy on HostGator, who picked up the pieces of 2IP.  I haven’t gotten a “Welcome home” email from them, and it feels like if I do move in, they won’t kick me out right away – less a welcome guest than a tolerable intruder.  Even with a free year of hosting.

I found some hosts that look acceptable, but I’m planning on going with HostRocket.  Not because their reviews are the best – that probably goes to 1 & 1.  Not because they’re the cheapest – I’ll be paying about $4 a month, compared to free from KVC Hosting.  And not because they’re cool (FatCow used to advertise in Linux Journal, I believe, and they have a HeiferCratic Oath).

No, I’m going with HostRocket because they’re the parent company of ViaTalk, our VOIP provider.  They have done a good job there.  I figure if they have two hands in my pockets, that will give me a bit more clout should a problem occur with either service.

Please don’t talk to me about eggs and baskets.