That’s one of the come-ons at the county fair.  And it’s not lying – you can pay your dollar and win your twenty-five cent prize.  And they’d be happy to let you do that all day long.

It’s a small scale version of what Las Vegas casinos do for the big money winners.  After you drop a few hundred thousand, they’re more than happy to comp you a room, and a dinner, and set you up with a big stack of chips.  Small denomination chips, of course.

The idea of being able to pick your data (and hence your rewards) struck me as we travelled through Amish country a week ago.  In Berlin, they had some thermometers.  I’m positive these are Amish-made (I have an electronic clock made by some Amish folks in China).  Look at the handcraftedness of the work.  Look at how you get to choose a buggy or a tractor.

Look at how you get to choose your own temperature – just below 50 to just below 60.

And I’m proud that I made it all the way through this post without mentioning the global warming scare, and how those folks pick and choose the data they report.

Almost all the way through, anyway.