I’m an exhibitionist.  Not a take-off-my-clothes one, but one who puts out parts of my life for others to read.

I’m a blogger.

And I like people reading my blog.  Part of that is sharing the Good News, part of that is sharing good software, part of it is sharing things that will help people.  And for whatever reason people visit here, I like them to do it, and do it more.

My high day of hits was in March of 2008, a Saturday during a snowstorm, when everybody in the world was stuck inside and bored.  I got 120 hits in one day.  And then a few days ago, I got 116 hits.  Blew me away!

01 day views

Curious me wanted to see why I got so popular all of a sudden.  The leading page was my one about Windows 7 (here)

02 which entry

But how did they get here?

03 From where

Hmm.  I didn’t post it to my twitter account – let’s see Dan’s Data (which accounted for 37 listed views, and maybe more in the noise)

04 the tweet

If you want it clickable, hit tinyurl.com/yhukzke.  I even had a link and view from Microsoft!

05 Even Microsoft

I guess I’m official.  I’ve had a serious blogger tweet and link to my blog, and Microsoft has Binged me.

I like the tweet better.  Thanks, Dan.