This past Sunday, our minister showed a countdown video (time left before the service, not a rocket).  It had eleven verses from the Old Testament.  He included the references in the handout with the bulletin, and asked us to pick a verse and comment on his blog.  This is what I wrote, expanded a bit.

The verse that struck me the most from the “countdown” video was Isaiah 30:21, which says

Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.

The part that hit me is that the voice comes from behind. We are not puppets – it is guiding instead of commanding, and we can choose whether to listen to the voice or not. That reminds me of another section, I Kings 19:11-12, where Elijah was on the mountain with a strong wind, and an earthquake, and a fire – but God wasn’t in any of those. He was the still, small voice. How easy it is for us to listen to other voices, other music, or even our own voices instead of taking the time and energy to listen to the voice of God.

Jeff preached a sermon a few weeks ago about there being two wolves in us, and the one that we feed is the one that grows.  This is another example of the same thing – if we feed ourselves on a steady diet of junk, we should not be surprised that we can’t last in a race.

This applies to spiritual stuff as well as physical stuff.