Sorry – I’m busy today.

But I have a solution.  You could pick a domain name from and install the updater so that it knows how to reach you even if your IP address changes.

Next, install TightVNC so I can take control of your screen.  You only have to install the server, not the client.  You are going to be serving up the screen so I can see what’s going on.

Make sure you install TightVNC with a good password.  Send me the password via email – a comment here makes it a little more public than either of us want.  And then only run TightVNC when you have arranged for me to look at your computer.  You don’t want to leave it running all the time.  Keeping it off lowers your attack surface.

So no, I’m not coming over to work on your computer.  After this process is completed, I don’t have to!  I’ll stop over for food instead.