We got called over to the old house today.  The appraiser had been over there, and the potential purchasers had a list of eight things they needed to have addressed.  We met the realtor and his handyman.

Went pretty well.  It came down to three things that really needed to be fixed.  Chimney, electrical box, and the leaky shower.  The handyman will get us quotes by Monday, and then we’ll see where we stand.

Since we were there, we decided to have me clean out the gutters instead of stopping by after church on Sunday.  Good thinking.  Then Bettie wanted to clean out the flower beds, and have me trim some trees, and clean out a drain in the floor, and test three different drains, and haul boatloads of leaves to the back of the property, and mow the leaves that were left (after our tenant mowed – the leaves were thick).

I came close to having myself a pity party, and going to sulk in a corner somewhere.  I chose not to.  Yes, it was a serious derailment of the day (we ended up spending almost 5 hours over there).  Yes, I had to call back some people I was doing computer support for and tell them that I couldn’t make it today.  Yes, I’m achy and taking small steps when I walk.  And yes, I was not happy, and told Bettie about it.  But yes, I did the work.  Yes, it was a good thing to do.  Yes, Bettie and I are very much in love.

And yes, I’m going to sleep very well tonight.