A grab-bag of little things.

  • Or not so little.  Apparently the Fort Hood shooter was in contact with Al Qaeda.  A big no-no on him.  And apparently he had been publicly saying that the Koran takes precedence over the US Constitution – and stayed in the Army.  A big no-no for his superiors.  If he’s a conscientious objector, fine.  So be it.  He can’t have it both ways.
  • I see that the Japanese are working on beaming solar power from space (article here, please ignore the multi-colored energy beams).  I wrote about this at the end of my long post on energy and equality.
  • Copper thieves are in for problems in Cincinnati.  A county prosecutor is clamping down on the scrap yards that are buying the stolen scrap.  Even though some junk yards are going way beyond what’s needed:

“Every seller must provide a valid, original license (no copies) and provide a thumb print. Workers input address, car license plate information, and cameras shoot not only every seller but every item that is sold.  [The junkyard] keeps this information, including the photos, indefinitely.”

The prosecutor says it’s not good enough.  “We’re not going to accept the excuse that ‘We’re cooperating. We’ll tell you who brought this stuff.'”  Back off, Mr. Prosecutor.  Although a builder says scrap yards are just as much to blame.

“They’re just as responsible as the guy stealing it in my opinion. They’re supplying the habit. The guys have someplace to sell it, they’re going to take it and sell it. It’s just feeding the habit is all it is.”

Right.  And shut down all the grocery stores and fast food places while you’re at it – they are feeding criminals.  Don’t even get me started on gas stations and speeders.  Shut ’em all down!

  • Finally, I was looking for some useful news feeds (not RSS – I want good old human-readable stuff).  I used to follow Newsday’s breaking news feed, but it started getting wonky and then they started charging to view their articles.  Adios, Newsday.  In its place I found nice feeds from AP, the NY Times, and Reuters.