My original plan was to till the new garden on Saturday morning.  Since I don’t eat breakfast, I was going to get up and start rolling.  Instead I had a special board meeting at church, and I stopped at a couple stores on the way back.  So I hit Chipotle and got my lunch, brought it home, and munched down before starting rototilling.

That would be four hours of rototilling.

Oh, and with time off for moving rocks out that the tiller dug up.  And getting out the two big rocks that got jammed up inside the tiller.

And moving the whomping big rock that is not a cenotaph, because it’s not a monument for somebody whose bones are elsewhere.  It’s just your garden variety, three foot by one foot by four inch, hundred and twenty pound rock.

So if you need a cenotaph, and are willing to take one that I can’t pick up but still has tiller scars along one side, you’re welcome to this one.

And yes, I took off Saturday evening from doing anything constructive.  I earned it.