Apparently my buddy God is not the only one who can create something from nothing.  The Obama administration has saved or created jobs in congressional districts that don’t exist.

In Iowa, 39 jobs were created at a cost of over $10 million – call it $250K/job, nice money if you can get it – in a district that doesn’t exist.

In Connecticut’s imaginary district, 25 jobs were created with zero dollars.  Makes me wonder why we needed a stimulus package.

The non-existent 99th congressional district is popular.  In the US Virgin Islands,  and in Puerto Rico, and in the Northern Mariana Islands, that district was home to a combined spending of over $90 million, but with a benefit of 433.3 created jobs.  That price per job is just barely topping two hundred thousand per job.

Now I shouldn’t blame this completely on the current administration.  It’s not their fault, really.  They’re just accepting the word of the people sending in the information.  Apparently without checking the facts.

We report what the recipients submit to us

That’s from the Communications Director of the Recovery Board that tracks stimulus spending.  Well, I’d like to nominate two people real close to me that will be willing to save/create jobs for themselves, at an even two hundred thousand each.  Bettie and I both live in the newly created Steve Congressional District, and we promise to report job counts accurately.

And to not include my imaginary friend.  There’s a limit to absurdity.  There is a limit, isn’t there??