(not about bicycles)

Bespoke is a fancy way of saying “custom”.  It doesn’t technically apply to the subject at hand, but it does in spirit.

We’re talking 959s, baby!

Specifically, the eight of them made in 1992/93, four years after the production run of 300.  (In Gruppe B, only 200 cars were required to count as a “production” car – the extra hundred must have been spares.  It sure wasn’t a money-maker.  Even at $800,000, Porsche was losing around a half-million per car.)

Seems that there were some spare parts just laying around the factory, so the Porsche guys decided to throw them together and come up with something saleable.  And they did – four of the red Porsche 959, and four of the silver.  They cost almost twice as much, but – surprise – Porsche had no trouble selling them.

Porsche made a number of the racing 961 models, and did race in Group B (the supercars), but these last eight cars were all sold to collectors.

Not me, you understand.

I can hope . . .