Browsers are freeOperating systems are freeBooks are free.  Why isn’t music free?

Glad you asked.  And yes, these are all legal.  Glad you care.

The first place I look for free music is Magnatune.  They have a free song every day, a free album occasionally, and you can listen to their music (streaming on-line) as much as you want.  I have purchased several albums from them after listening.

Another good place is Amazon.  They have a free song every day (I occasionally look at them, but I much prefer Magnatune’s taste in music), and loads of free sampler albums.

The Internet Archive has live concerts here and studio music here.  Eclectic (although deep – there are over 7,000 shows by the Grateful Dead) with some bands I’ve heard of (Smashing Pumpkins, Little Feat, New Riders of the Purple Sage) and some I’ll just leave alone (Sun Dried Opossum).

There are other various ones at Artist Direct, incompetech, the Free Music Archive (roll over the “By genre” hotspot), 50 foot wave, Jonathon Roberts, and Anthony Kozar.  All untested.

And then for something completely different, David Byrne (Talking Heads) and Brian Eno took two songs off their My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts project and gave people the raw tracks to remix and share.  And they did, over 250 times.

Finally, two links from my favorite brother.  Other people have looked into the free music thing and gathered links – see the collections from Download Squad and Learning 2.1.  Thanks, Bro.