Welcome to Awed Manor’s Black Friday edition!

I saw an infomercial a commercial for Ronco knives recently.  Yes, that Ronco, home of the Veg-O-Matic (now called the Dial-O-Matic).  The knife set as shown in the commercial does all the normal things you do with knives at home – slice tomatoes paper-thin, slice a piece of paper in the air, slice a pineapple in half, cut iron shavings off a metal hammer.  And of course the original knife added all his friends until the count got up to around 25 (with a free solid flavor injector!), and then they offered two for the price of one.  Hucksterism at its finest.

It prepared me well for when I switched channels and saw the Perfect Brownie offer.  Silly me never realized that my brownies in a pan that I had to cut individually were in some way imperfect.  They have been servicing me for years (well, across multiple instances.  Not the same single pan of brownies.).  I think I’ll try to scrape by with what we have.

Side note: The company behind Perfect Brownie is LiveMercial, which also pumps the Tool Band It.  This thing was shouted by Billy Mays (before his demise), but looks like a terrible accident at the hardware store.

Holds twenty-five pounds?  Maybe if you get it blood pressure cuff tight.  That’s three gallons of water stuck to your upper arm.  I think the guy in the inset is wearing two – one on each arm.  I also think his fingers are turning blue.  Tempting product, but I think I’ll pass.  I try not to buy things that are single-purpose.  Oh, it’s also a tourniquet?  Interesting . . .

Happy shopping, early birds!