In computer programming, the wiser heads try to teach the younger pups some rules to live by.  They pass on the hard-acquired wisdom in the hopes that the newer programmers won’t repeat the same mistakes.  And yes, there are plenty of new mistakes to make.

One of the common problems that can hit even experienced programmers is the “off by one” error.  Some computer languages start counting lists of things at 1.  The first one is in position 1, the second is in position 2.  But in lots of languages, the first item in a list is at position zero.  No trickery or flummoxing here, it’s just the way the language is defined.  And everybody knows it and uses it correctly – except when they don’t.  Sort of like locking yourself out of your house or car.  Never happens to me – until it does.

I wasn’t programming, and wasn’t dealing with locks, but tonight I was off by one several times.  It was a run-around afternoon, hitting the following stores: Home Depot, Meijer, Kroger, Redbox, Hallmark, Toomey’s health food store, the Dollar Tree, Target, Office Depot, and Walmart.  And three or four times, I was looking for my car one row over from where I had left it.

I was carrying around a list of stuff to do in my head, in addition to the list on paper that I had.  I am attributing the forgetfulness to that, rather than to being tired or forgetful.  Or early Alzheimer’s.  Although it could easily be ADD.

We’re watching Julie and Julia tonight and tomorrow (that was the Redbox stop.  And I used a coupon I’d received a while ago, so it’s a free rental.  We’re still working on completing Bettie’s birthday celebration, a piece at a time.).  One funny line has Julie explaining to her husband that she has trouble doing housework because she has ADD.  “Oh, is that the reason??”

But I’m right there with her.