(Thursday edition)

Today’s cool tool is free.  There is no reason to avoid this.  We’re talking anti-virus software from AVG.

AVG is a big company, not some little fly-by-night place.  They would be very happy to sell you their software if you are a business, or if you want some extra benefits.  Me, I’d rather run lean and mean.

Download the software here.  The installation is pretty straight-forward.  Make sure you get their updates, and then go ahead and scan your whole computer.  Not just parts of it, but the whole thing.

And then set it up to get updates daily and do a full scan weekly.  It’s best to schedule these for the middle of the night sometime, so it won’t interrupt or slow down your regular work habits.

If you are a business or want the extra benefits described here, it will cost you.  Additionally, you may get occasional requests to upgrade to the pay version.  You can, but you don’t have to.

AVG is a great support for your computing safety.  Twenty thousand people at CNET have given it a 4-star review (out of 5).  Give it a try yourself.