It’s mouse time again.  Story and non-bloody pictures after the jump.

We have our sump pump enclosed in a little room in the basement.  That has traditionally been where mice come in and are trapped, and this time was no different.  I don’t always check the traps – we have not had mice for months, so I could go for weeks without looking.  Thursday night I had an urge to check the trap, and it was a good urge.  The poor guy hadn’t been gone for long – no rigor mortis.  But he was definitely gone.

He had been there for a while, too.  He left calling cards, and had started taking nesting material off the (used) rope filter that helps make our water drinkable.

I went down Friday morning, and checked to see what was happening (I’d put two traps down, just in case).  First trap was turned over, empty. Second trap was turned over, full, and moving.  The poor guy had gotten a foot caught, but was not otherwise hurt.

Wearing heavy gloves, I put the trap and mouse into a plastic bag, and then put that into another plastic bag.  I took the whole thing outside and made certain that gravity works.  And yes, the very heavy rock I chose did the job.

Twice, to be sure (and compassionate).

No pix here. But the story continues. I had put two traps back, just to get any critters that might be passing by. They came, and they passed, but they did not go by.

But wait, there’s more! The double hit was around 8 or 9 o’clock Friday night. About 1 Saturday morning, I checked again, just because. And guess what?

That’s five mice in just over 24 hours. Time to bring out the big guns.

Two packages of traps, freshly baited with peanut butter. There are now five traps in the sump room (in case there’s an invasion), and the others scattered (safely) around the basement. Saturday’s report: no new critters captured. I also capped the ends of the pipes they may have been using to get in. One way or another, I think we’re over this battle. But I know I’m in a war.