We are not “doing” Christmas this year.  We’re celebrating it, but not buying gifts.  Perhaps next year.  This year, we’re concentrating on getting debt down and making the payments on our one house (YAY – only one house!).  Bettie and I are spending a nominal amount on each other, but not being at all spendy, even though we’d like to.

That extends to food.  We’re cutting down our meals, and eating out almost nonce per week (I have kept a weekly lunch with a friend).

We are doing almost all of our shopping at thrift stores, and buying more generic food instead of brand-name items.  Bettie picked up a bag of older apples for under a buck, and is going to be making her mom’s apple crisp for cheap.  We’re not doing without, but we’re being very conservative with our money.

That extends to cell phones.  Ours are almost four years old.  That bothers me, because if the phones are cheap and we subsidize them with our monthly payments, and if we can get new phones every two years, then we’ve been dumping extra money into Verizon for almost two years and getting nothing for it.  The itch for new phones is almost physical.

My dream phone would be a Droid from Verizon.  Google goodness, and tons of apps (and more all the time).  Unfortunately, the phone costs $200, and would require an extra $30 a month for email (not sure if this is the full “all you can eat” plan, or is limited to email).  That’s $30 per phone.  For the two year agreement, that’s an extra $1440 for the two of us, on top of $400 phone prices.  I can think of better ways to spend two grand.

But what about this new Google phone?  The Nexus One is reported to run on T-Mobile’s network.  It looks goodReal good.  And if they give it away for free

Wake up, Steve.  You’re dreaming.