I’m off work this week, and enjoying it very much.  I had to work for a half-hour on Monday (I was just shy of the time I needed to take the whole week off), and we have some plans for New Year Day, but aside from that I’m being king of the hill.

And it’s great.  Bettie is being supportive of my plans (or lack thereof), and is also making some goodies to help me pass the time.  I’m getting a lot of reading done (finished three books and four newspapers), some eating, some computing, and some other stuff.

We got new cell phones yesterday.  We went against our wishes and went with our heads/wallets, avoiding a data plan or even a texting plan.  Kept the same service, but with new updated phones.  It had been just about 4 years that we’d had our old ones, and the new refresh gives us new batteries and new features.

We got the LG VX9200 with the full keyboard.  We’re not big texters (I told the sales guy maybe a couple a month.  He checked: one a month.), but having the physical keyboard helps with entering contact info.

And the price was right: after rebate, we got these phones for free.  Finally, the extra that we’re paying out each month will be put to use.

Other plans for the week include dropping in a new hard drive and Win7, doing some more reading (I dropped some books off at the library, and picked up four Martha Grimes books.  I think I read one of them previously, but I’m safe if I didn’t.).

I want to drop by the local car dealership.  I MAY ALREADY BE A WINNER.  My chances of winning the 58-inch plasma TV, Nintendo Wii bundle, Harley Davidson Fat Boy, or $20K cash are low, but not zero.  To be precise, they are one in a hundred thousand for each, but the price is right – the offer came in the mail.  I’ll most probably get 2 webcams (for the low low redemption price of $10) and the 50-piece Deluxe Tool Kit with Case (as if they would throw fifty tools at me without a case).  I’ll pass on the webcams (part of living gazellily) but take the tool kit.  And not buy a car while I’m at it.

Something I want to do is to see if we can get a better price on our insurance.  We have the same insurance that we started with, lo those many years ago.  The guy we started with has retired from the agency, even though his name is still on it.  I’m guessing that we’ll be able to save some bucks by switching (maybe a dollar a day – gut guess), but there are non-monetary factors.  What’s the quality of Joe’s All-Time Best Number One Insurance Company?  Been in business two months now, eh?  Thanks for the real low quotes, but exactly why is it that you want cash payments?  This one is still in the “pending” category.

I have to see about getting our internet service from a different part of Time Warner.  I have Business Class now, since that’s what I had from work, but now I’m paying it all on my own so I want to see what Residential offers.  DSL from the phone company is out of the question – we don’t have phone lines here.  VOIP and cell.

And I have this meat loaf thing going on.  Not the singer, the food.  A report later on this very subject.