It is not my job to ridicule the foibles of the current administration. It’s not even my job to produce supporting documentation.

But when I can make a comment on some of that supporting documentation, I jump right in.

There have been interlopers at the White House recently (no, not the Obamas). There was a reality show couple that dressed to the nines and slipped in deep, even to the point of having their picture taken with the president. At the same event, there was another guy who made it part-way in, but didn’t get a pic taken. That guy is now claiming that he had an invitation.

I don’t buy it.

First, he has waited a long time to come forward with this story. Second, he won’t show the actual invitation to the news interviewer. Third, his words give him away.

I basically had my invite. … I went up to the Secret Service individual. He basically wanded me. He checked to make sure that I had nothing wrong … and I basically walked in.

Three uses of basically within three sentences. Used that much, it’s a weasel word. Don’t know when or how, but that party crasher is going to get his come-uppance.