The problem is getting them to pay, and getting myself inserted into the process at the right time. After the book is printed, it’s too late for Proofreading Man.

The current problem is Gary Jennings’ Apocalypse 2012, which isn’t by Gary Jennings, who didn’t even make it to the Y2K apocalypse.  It’s by Robert Gleason and Junius Podrug.  So this isn’t Gary’s fault.

But it’s somebody’s fault.  The novel opens somewhere in Middle or South America, roughly during Aztec times.  The authors cutely include translator notes as smoothing techniques, rather than have characters burst into a narrative speech.  But when they transition into modern-day America, they goof.  The first paragraph includes a woman in a conference room.

She liked the three sterling-silver coffee carafes, pristine bone china cups and saucers; the pitchers of iced orange juice; the Avian and Perrier bottled waters

Bzzzzzt.  The brand is Evian.  If it’s avian water, there’s a parakeet drinking from it, or a duck swimming in it.  Probably not the case here.

So how can I tell these people to let me read their stuff first, before committing it to paper?