I am greedy.

Oh, I moderate myself.  I saw a Christmas card that said “I’m cutting down on my Christmas candy this year – only two handfuls at a time”.  That’s me – moderation in all things, especially when there’s no other option.

Bettie and I helped out at the library this week, helping them set up for an upcoming used book fair.  On Friday, over lunch, I brought in boxes of books from their storage trailer.  Saturday, we both helped open the boxes and arrange the books.  The first day, I helped get rid of unused books, ones that they decided were unsellable after having been through a couple sales already.  Yes, that hurt to throw away books, but the organizers had already placed as many books as they could with jails, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.  I was still able to salvage two boxes of books I’d be interested in reading.  From Saturday, Bettie and I were able to locate another twenty or so books that we’ll be able to make a donation for – one of the benefits of physical labor is being able to see what’s available for the public before the public does.

Saturday morning, I got some new software – Kindle for the PC.  I picked up this free book-reading software so I could read some free books.  I grabbed some more free music while I was there.

I even have a series of weekly blog entries on free tools for the PC.  Free, free, free.  Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Aaaaaaaannnd – so what?  What does all this do, except increase shelf usage and disk usage (and time usage)?  I’m not going to look into the “why” of this desire for acquisition, but I will ask myself about the goal of it.  Why am I hungry for temporal, temporary things, and not hungry – greedy, even – for souls to join God’s kingdom?  I want everybody to go to Heaven – and I’m not alone.  But instead of doing something about it, I’m acquiring stuff.  Junk.  Things that will burn someday.

I have a friend in Dayton who has Stage 4 cancer.  It’s hitting a lot of his internal organs, and he’s been through chemotherapy and radiation.  He’s worn out, and probably doesn’t have long on this earth.  He has a long time somewhere after that, and I’d like that to be a good place.  I have avoided confronting him about Christianity for years, even though I pray for our meals together and he has nicknamed me The Pope.  I’m going to be talking to him this week, and I’m going to invite him to give his life to Christ.  I don’t know if he’ll see it as “fire insurance”.  I am doing some of that myself – atoning for years of lost opportunities.

I am greedy for your prayers.  I’m still scared of offending a dying man on his way to hell.  I still suffer from wanting people to like me.

I am needful of the mind of Christ.