A couple really neat things that God has done with his creation.

The first is roll clouds.  These are things that form when a front hits another one under the right conditions.  Not attached to anything else, these are independent (and rare) clouds.

(copyright Daniela Mirner Eberl, used under Creative Commons license)

These look similar to the only-in-Australia Morning Glory cloud formation:

(copyright Mick Petroff, used under Creative Commons license)

The other “wow” thing is more permanent, and available to anyone willing to travel.  In Thailand, on Krabi island, is a sea stack.  I saw this in a calendar, and it resonated with me.

(picture by andatche, Creative Commons license)

This is not the James Bond island, which I would have known if I had seen any James Bond movies.

It’s also not Strombolicchio, but that was a cool picture, too.

(picture from giopuo, under the Creative Commons license)