Sometimes I think that my posts, while good and useful, are delivered at a distance.  Factual, but not personal.  So here’s what’s happening for me today.

I woke up around 8:45 and finished reading 1 Peter 2 in The Message translation.  I was falling asleep last night while I was trying to read that, after the NASB.

I got about 7.5 hours of sleep.  Little bit of a late night on Friday – we had pizza and a movie, watching Pixar’s fun movie Cars.  And being glad we watched it on DVD, so we could back it up and see all the jokes they included (we have seen the original Cadillac Ranch – seeing it as the Cadillac Range was funny.  We each picked up on subtle things in the film.).  That lengthened the watching experience, and delayed bed-time.

This morning I caught up on IMDB’s info on Cars, and checked for DVD Easter eggs.

I also caught up on news sites and blogs of friends.  That brings me current to 10:12 AM.  Next up in the day is to install some software at work.  It may have been available around six last night, but I was done working then, and I want to verify that it goes in well.  It needs to be ready for India to work on Sunday night (their Monday morning).

I have to work on last Sunday’s church service recording and split it up into tracks and burn DVDs.  That will take close to an hour.

I’m facilitating our Sunday School class tomorrow.  The minister (regular teacher) is out of town.  We’re going through Bob Russell’s DVD on Genesis 1-9, Risky Creation.  I have the handouts for class.  All I have to do is press play and guide the discussion, but I want to be ready for that.

Bettie and I are planning on going out for Valentine’s Day by hitting a thrift store and having dinner.  The thrift store will either be the Salvation Army store in Norwood (three stories of used goodness!), or Village Discount Outlet in Newport, KY.  I need some T-shirts (the ones I have that are over 10 years old are wearing out and starting to look ratty), plus I could use some more sweatshirts – same reason.  I check out their books, but my bar will be set pretty high.  As I was helping out with the library book fair, they needed to clear out space.  I hate throwing away books (boxes full, straight into the dumpster), but I salvaged two boxes of selections for my reading pleasure.  Mark and Angie, I saved a few for you, too.  Dad, I have one for you – within each category, they have Roasts, Boasts, and Toasts.  For Donut Maker, they have these:

Roast: He invented a square donut to pack into lunch boxes!

Boast: I’m such a generous donut maker – I charge nothing for the holes!

Toast: Let’s lift a toast to a safe donut maker – there’s always a cop at his shop!

Corny, but fun.  Mom, if you like mysteries, save a place for a box-full on the next trip East.

After the thrift store will be dinner at Longhorn.  Not sure which restaurant – probably Madison Road if we hit Norwood, or Eastgate if we go to Newport.  I have a $4 coupon to entice us, and we’ll probably buy an appetizer.  The last time we went there, on the day we closed on selling the old house, we ate so much we felt seriously unwell.  Don’t want to do that again, so possibly no dessert (Chocolate Stampede is good, but big!!).

The shopping and restaurant is a long walk.  Even though I have spent a few hours shoveling

and have good tire tracks cleared

the van still drags in the middle and can’t make it up the hill.  So it’s parked at the bottom of the driveway, and we trudge down and up on each road trip.  My car?  Hasn’t been started in almost a week, and it will probably be another week before that happens.  Great for the gas mileage.  Lousy for driving in deep snow.

Then bed early, and up early (sound check starts at 8:30, and church is a half-hour away), then a day of Valentines and car racing.  The latest snowstorm is scheduled to miss us, being tossed south by an Arctic Clipper.  We’re scheduled to get above freezing next Friday.

(forecast courtesy WCPO)

My poor, lonely car . . .  my busy life.