So we had this snowstorm thingie. We planned on it, and left Bettie’s van down at the bottom of the driveway.

And when the snow was finished snowing and blowing

we had a lot of snow.  I had shoveled some

but not enough.

We brought in the big guns

and he did a real good job of plowing the driveway

Unfortunately, when he tried to help get the van up the hill, he did a good job of getting it off the driveway and into the ditch.

Woe is us.  What to do?  A friend had advised me to consider the possibility of clearing off the frozen stuff with fire – propane or something equivalent.  I looked into it.  There’s the personal option

Naah – I like my mustache too much.  And my beard.  And my eyebrows.  There’s the local hardware store version:

Nice, but it would take forever.  I do like having both propane and gasoline available, but still no.  There’s the serious version

but what if I want to clear the driveway real fast?  Then I need the industrial version

Those are jet engines from a MiG mounted on the front of the trucks.  They’d do the job real quick!

Or you could do like we really did.  A hundred and fifty pounds of rock salt, wait 24 hours, and just drive up to the house.  Not as fun, but eminently cheaper and safer.


(photo credits, in order: kongevold, rhino neal, BurningQuestion, and S. Bednaruk via Dark Roasted Blend)