My Dad likes to tell the story of a time when I helped him out of a big computer problem.  He had accidentally formatted his C: drive, back in DOS days.  I was able to get him back up and running – while being half a continent away.  It took two or three hours, but we got it back and booting.  I didn’t need to see his screen, because I knew the software he was using – Kenn Flee’s QFiler.  I can’t locate any pictures of the application, but it was a DOS-based 2-panel file explorer, before Windows came around.  I could download the software, but I can’t contact Kenn Flee – he died last year.

Once Windows arrived, I missed using QFiler.  I really like seeing the “to” and “from” directories.  If you have ever copied files from one place to another, perhaps using a thumb drive, you know the feeling.  It works, but it should be better.  Even the Windows 7 snap feature tries to emulate it, but doesn’t really work.

This works.  Q-Dir is a 4-panel replacement for Windows Explorer.

It remembers where you left it the last time you ran it, unlike that stupid refreshingly consistent Windows Explorer.  You can change the colors and the layout (this is showing”I like orange” and extra-large icons).

I love this tool for its ease at moving files around, and for remembering what I was working on last time.  I’m sure I’ll love it for more (like folder sizes!) as time goes on, but that’s not a bad start.

Speaking of starting, I’d better start updating.  He’s had six new versions come out this year – a few corrections, but mostly improvements.  But updating doesn’t hurt – this is only a download size of 338 kilobytes!