We had another snowstorm come through on Friday night and Saturday.  Not much – an inch or so.  We needed some supplies, so I went out after work Friday to stock up.

And wow, did I stock up.  Apparently Kroger has their meat packed to expire on Saturday and Sunday.  Come the Friday evening before that, they mark it down.

Way down.

Here’s the overall picture

and here are the details.

Honeysuckle White ground turkey (top left), 19.2 oz., original price $5.99, sale price $1.99.  2 each.

Kroger brand ground turkey (bottom left), 19.2 oz., $2.89 down to $1.29.  Two of these.

Miller’s Amish chicken breasts (right), $4.89 a pound down to $2.95.  Two packages, $5.92 => $3.54 and $6.41 down to $3.83.

Laura’s Lean 8% ground beef patties (center), $4.99 a pound down to $2.99 a pound.  Three of them.  $6.94 to $4.15, $7.19 to $4.30, and $7.24 to $4.37.

All together, the original prices were $51.26.  I got it for $26.75 – a 48% discount.  The meat is due to “expire” in a day or two, so we’ll have to cook and/or freeze it soon.

At these prices, I don’t mind the extra work.